The Alchemist
By: PJ Anderson

I read the riddles, cussed at the stupid rhymes hoping that they could change the course of time. Hoping never helps, never answers the questions of why. Why you? Why me? Why did you have to leave so early in our time together? I don’t understand.

So solutions I’ve forged through rock and stone. Magick, blood, and folklore. I turned through the pages of Wiccans, pagans, witches, warlocks. To find the same solution. Alchemy! My love yes. Alchemy betray the laws of nature and reason. Our will bend onto reality.

I could bring you back my sweet. Yes I can bring you back through the symbols, and the lives I’d slay. Their blood will fuel this stone, their blood will be your blood. Our blood! Nothing can challenge the hand of fate? But I…yes…I dipped my hand into the cooking pot and did not get burned! Everything…for us my love.

I brought it back. I brought YOU back my darling sweet. My true love’s kiss. You have returned. Together we shall dance, sing, and live again. Nothing can stop us with our love alive once more. I told you. I told you that I would not fail you. I would bring you back. I am a man of my word.

No. NO! You are…a monster! You wear my love’s flesh but you are not my love! You are a demon! You are a hideous foul creature of the fire flames! You lied to me! Told me you were my lover! You lied to me, and now you want to kill me! Devour my heart I so willingly gave you? No. NEVER! It is for my lover alone… you cannot taint this soul! You cannot. Will not. Shall not!

Heh…I feel…I feel my ribs…how they shatter under your grimy claws. I feel my pulse begin to slow, and I feel the emptiness as my eyes begin to roll. Looking up in the fading light…I see my lover…holding my heart…good and tight. See…I told you. I’d give you my heart. I just never believed that you would starve so gluttonously. I never realized…that in giving you my heart my love…meant…you would…devour it…just to taste the true essence of true magick….true love…tasted….by my own…blood…

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