the brake up brake down and build up :3

September 16, 2009
Oh hello there peoples. I have not done a blog in a while huh?...well I have one now..i have updated the site as you can tell and i have also updated many other sites just clicks my adds to get to them..well as the title says there was a brake up...and a brake down.. me and Zue Zue have taken the roads apart and travel differant paths now...but the path i have taken is paved with gold as i build new relationships with better friends and  one day a mate T^T....well on a lighter hote i have a ps3 now lol and im gamming my tail off lol...well let me get back to pwnen the noobs lol have a nice day and enjoi the site all


The Return!

August 13, 2009
Hey all. I am back from S.C. I have a new web cam and my digi tab is in the mail on the way YAY MEEE!!!. I finished some work for people while i was in S.C. so that took up a few pages from the book. soooooo yea i just wanna say im back. i has no interwebs at home but ill have it back soon. so untill then ill be goin to places like starbucks, to upload.

well you know the drill.. if you want somthing or just wanna chat hit me up :3 yahoo im juice chat facebook myspace ya know i have the same na...
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omg sorry

July 25, 2009
people people im soo sorry i was and still am in s.c. soo i have little to no interwebs so i was lucky to add what i have now....but i am bout halfway through a new sketch book so ill be addding over 40 pics realy soon.

loves you guys see you soon.


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The Job

June 23, 2009
OMG my job just moved me down the hall from my nice quiet office cube box thingy and now i share a room with like 9+ people and i feel soo damn young being like the only highschooler here. Everyone else is in collage or just graduated T.T

well its still fun but i got to go hit u up laters...



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Sorry but good news

May 6, 2009
Hey guys and girls, sorry i have been laggin on my work but yea school comin to an end and everything....makes it hard on me.

well im back and im ganna hit it harder a job and everthing but that aint why im here to say .....if u wanna send me stuff you will have to send all comments and what not (things on the site like the fourms are broke) so plz send messanges, chalanges, art, stories, writings, and others to my email
or hit me up on my F.A. account...
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The birthday

January 21, 2009
Helly yea behotches!! i made it be 17 *22y.o.f.* Didn't do a DAMN thing today but i did get to chill with jodie and jer im at Ms.Vic's house....Im havin probs. someone help but oh well i dont want to put my shit on you but yea so im bout to make my self feel better..


Keezku Fox out

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January 17, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! CANT WAIT TILL THEN!!. so what you ganna get me?
Keezku Fox
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Good news jan 17 09

January 17, 2009
I will be adding people on to my site, we are waiting on the other sites to be completed. We hope you will like them.
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January 16, 2009

Hi my name is Keezku. My roomate and I have started this site just out of the want of organization of my art and other random crap that gose through our minds. So here is where we will place all of our art, movies, music, and blogs along with help for those who want it{we can help with just about anything you have} Well thanks againe for stopin by.

Keezku Fox
William J.

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This is me

William J. Average hight but I walk tall. Im funny, powerful, strange, full of energy, and i love to have a good time. I like just about everyting, im almost never sad. I love a chalange and the thrill of the hunt, if you know what I mean. If u need more information on me just email me:
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