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-visiting a friend-
by Keezku Fox (the amethyst fur)
a tipical saterday night for Pj as he is in his kitchen getting a snack after spending all day
cleaning his room and just finishing the dishes.

*thud* his ears twitch twoards the sound but he thinks nothing of it.
he sets the clean glass cups and fine china,that his parents loved more than even him,up in the
cabenet on the top shelf
(the one with the cheep wood frame)

Walking in and scanning his finaly clean room, Pj (irish as called by his friends) plops donw
at his computer and opens his Im.
*BLEEP* a message appears on his screen -Its from Keezku.-

*hey hye Pj ^w^* as keezku alwyas says when begening a conversation with irish.

*-not much just cleaned my room and went down stiars for a sandwich, what about you hun? did your partner like my ideas for the pictures?-*

*BEEP* yupers we begen the final production later on the week. but can you have company?*

a little shocked by the subject change *-yea, my parnets left for some cookie business trip-* he sends as he leaves the chiar to get his sand wich of the desk on the side of the room.
*-mmmm i love pbandj-* he giggles to himself. Irish sits back at his computer and looks at the waiting message from Keezku
*so what would you say if i said im not just coming over, and im already there?* his eyes widen as keezku pops from the underside of his bed and pounces on him *HA! TAG!*

the two hit the ground with a crash partly distroying the room again

*-(giggles) yea you got me but how did you get in here Foxi?!-*

poking irish in the nose and looking down into his eyes *none of you business*
^^lifts irish to his feet^^

Irish finaly to his feet turns to Keezku *-Keez....where'd he go?-* goking at the sopt were keezku WAS standing, #ha found it!....!!SMASH!!# the sound in the distance snaps irish out of his questionable moment, he bults down to the kitchen in the direction of keezku *-what are you doing?!* mialdly freeking out.

*i made a samich* saying keezku with a grin before he bites into the pb&j crumbs around his muzzle. *mmmmmmmmmm its been a while*

*-ok you have but what was that sound earlyer?-*

looking puzzled and still chewing his sandwich or samich to him, keezku replied *oh i opend the cabinet  and some sort of glass hit me on the head, man them things are hard..but not hard enough lol..ouch!* grabing his head and leaning over thte sink, he removes his paw to see blood. *damn that glass did more than i thought.*

*-ok go to my room ill get something for that-* said irish pushing keesku up the stiarcase twords his room.

after cleaning the area on keezk's head to see where the cut was, he saw a slight gash nearing the right ear, luckly the blood had slowed to a slow drip, irish just put on the bandaid he got from the bathroom. *-there you go better?-*

keezku rubbed he head, tussiling his head fur that stoped just at his sholders. * yea but i got a bit of head ache now*

*aww poor thing..* rubbing the injerd fox's temeples *that better?*

*mhmmm* his tail slowly swaying from side to side.

*heh thats good* leaning in and nipping the fox's ear and tugging it playfuly.

 with an evil grin on his face the fox spins irish around and bites his neck softly and holding him close

irish's pupils shrink. *-dont play that way-* as he nibbles back and smirks

keezku starts to claw at the base you the cute little wolf's tail. *awww why not? I love this game* smiling  knowing exactly what he was doing and wher this was leading.

The wolf leans up and clamps onto the throat of the fox with a small tug. *-cause this game makes me......really playful.-*

grinning keezku grabs irish by the tail and spins him around so that he is faceing away from him. holding him tightly he wispers in the wolfs layed down ears.l *and this is a problem??* then the fox begens to nibble at the wolfs neck.

the wolf quivers and whines gently *-n..nn.not really.-*

Keezku then turns irish back twards him with a groul in his voice *good* kissinng the cute wolf while sliding his paws up the back of irishes shirt letting his claws slide gently through his fur * i would hate to have to stop*

the wolf closing his eyse and kisses back with his tail whisking around, his own paws pressed against the fox's chest

keezku then starts to disrobe the wolf, loving the beutiful body's every detail
irish's dark green fur and black head fur beutiful dark blue and black eyes his nicely groomed fluffy tail sawing back and forth he isnot al that muscular but has a fine toned body  around 5'7" {( aint he cute)}

Irish lets out a gental wine, deepinght the kiss and pulling keezku closer obviously haveing longe for this

*i've wanted you from the first day we talked *sniffing in the wolf's sent in deeply and clawing at the wolf's thighs

wincing from the mixture of pain and pleasure he moans. *me too...* kissing the fox again wraping his legs around the fox's waist.

the strong fox who always looks much weeker than he actualy is, standing 5'7" toned with dark red fur and black head fur with dark purpple and red died tips, and a odd gold strand of hair going down the back left of his head.  natrualy fluffy but tries to keep his fur in line (not realy doing a good job at it) carries irish to his bed romoving there remaining clothing to reveal his more indowed member, still incressing in size

*glad i always have this* grabing a pack of lube from his jeans lettin the other packs hit the floor, and starts
squezzing it into his paw and applingin it to irish's tailhole and paws of a bit to finish of the growing
showin his fuly  erect self. *this is going to be fun* grabbing and licking at irish's tighs and teasing
his tailhole with his sized meat.

Irish smirts, feeling the fox all over him. puts his paws up lace around his sholders
*-be gentle.-*

with a bit of a laugh at the remark *we'll see what we can manage* thrusting slowly into the wolf *mmmmm so tight when was your last?* leaning down to lick the wolfs muzzle slowly easing out then back in again.

the wolf smiling and winces * i get tighter each time. i've never..* moans *been loose.* licking the muzzle in return with a smirk *your big*

feeling the wolfs hole tighten, the fox speeds up *mhmmmmmm* holding the wolf down with one paw on the side of the wolf who lay beneth him and one holding the wolfs arms down, above his head.
slowly beging to slide his claws down the wolf's side stopping at the hips.

irsih winces and moans out *-harder!-*...opening his eyes to look into keezku's

like a trained mutt keezku follows the command with pleasure and begens to plow into irish griting teeth with a sligt growl

growling back and panting from the feeling of the fox ravaging him, he forces his nail into the foxes shoulders *harder!*

loveing the feeling of the nails and aggresion from the wolf, Keezku leans down and bithes into the wolf's neck,
holding him tighter keeping him from moving and begens to plow into the wolfs tight little tailhole

irish's pupils shrink tremendously as he moans out taking the fox deeply

relecing form his mates neck, keezku grabs irish by the leg flips him on his stomach then drags him to his knees.
nearly at his limit the fox ploans to knot the wolf.

panting irish roars out and cranes his neck around to kiss the fox hard

with that kiss keezku forces in deepliy spreding the wolfs once tight hole with his knot tieing them and unloading his
seed deep inside the gut of the young wolf *_pant_ _pant_ hmm best ive ever had* basking the the glow of the wolfs eyes,
irish's paw holds against keezku's cheek *-that makes two of us-* as they kiss pasionetly, the alarm on Keezku's phone
goes of anouncing that its 11:59. beeing tied keezku woulod never make it home before 1:30. *so i guess im staying the night*
they falop down on the bed together and drift off to sleep with keezku's arms around irish as if he would protect him from any and everthing.
wait untill part two
yarf yelp yip mrr purrr growl roar pant

thanks go to P.J.A. aka Irish Eygiption for helping me right this story..

Keezku Fox
   the Amethyst Fur
   L.F. productions

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