Hello to everyone my name is Zunaga and im a writer with a large artistic vision. I dont get to blog here as much as i want to because I'm all over the place trying to find us a real den lol. But yes as it states in my name my tais is black my fur is mixed with red, blue, and black. I love to here what people think. I can tend to be a downer but I'm changing that. I love to help people so if you have a problem of some sort come chat with me I'm sure we can figure out a solution together. I dance and do mixed martial arts. I'm a college student on my way to bigger and better things so look out for my name and i do mean Zunaga. So yeah this is my ice breaker blog and I'm also looking for ideas for stories to write if you have any I'd be happy to take it to the next level and write them out for you all to read. Also if any of you are wondering i yiff as well and I'm very good at it ask Keezku he will tell you the truth. If you want to know more about hit me up on yahoo im zunecoby@yahoo.com or just ask for my number.